"Give unto the LORD the glory due unto His name; worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness." Psalm 29:2


Gratitude Thoguhts

What a busy week and half since I last posted! You would think that I would remember that during the school year life is busy but alas I don’t ever!

My blessing continued:

4—going back to school after a week off! I am one of those teachers who really does not fully enjoy snow days because I am TOO busy worrying about having to make up the material in less time.

5—“Dare to be” conference! My mom won tickets. What a great evening full of spiritual tidbits and GREAT songs!

6—being able to share my knowledge of not just academic things but spiritual things! I am blessed to not just have been a school teacher for the last three and half years but have been tutoring on and off for the last 11 years and teaching religious education class for the last four years.

7—the joy of seeing that “lightbulb moment”–when it all clicks and makes sense for a student!

8— new routine that has lead to more and better sleep! 🙂 YAY for less grumpy me!

9— teaching at a Catholic school where I can and do talk about my faith daily! What a joy and blessing!

10—working at a Catholic High School that brings in cool speakers to talk about how to live a solid Catholic lifestyle in today’s society.

11—Seeing our Priests out and around town!

12—Beautiful Sunrises accompanied by Christain music

13—Beautiful Sunsets

14—The ability to drive stick shift—I love my car!

15—Daily Mass with my students

16—The joy of reading which I learned from my parents—it is a wonderful addiction.

17—The joy of music

18—The most blessed yet shortest Ash Wendnesdy Mass I have been to.

19—Bring Jesus Christ to people in the form of Eucharist! IT is a true gift and joy!

20— Reading and rereading the book(s) that have so many memories—good and bad

21—The joy of meeting our older parish members!

22—Beautiful snow! With which comes additonal sleep and extra work time—A Snow Day!

23—Finally unpacking some boxes from the last move!

Dominus vobiscum


A New Year—New Habits

I am not much for New Year resolutions—I rarely make them. Five years ago, I posted a post on both of my blogs regarding my goals for 2011.

I thought I might try again with the posting on the blog and this time set a more reasonable goal for myself. I plan on posting once a week on one of my blogs.


My idea for the posts on this blog is One Thousand Gifts—An idea that has been bouncing around in my head since I discovered Ann Voskamp’s book by the same name and her blog in 2010. I didn’t buy her book until the past summer and have only managed to read the first 4 chapters BUT I have been reading her blog since that day in 2010.

So I want to count my daily blessings! I started with my counting this past summer and will keep doing that but I though some of these blessings I could share with my little corner of the web.


So here are the first three that I want to share:

1—God’s love and the joy it brings, particularly during the rough spots in life!

2—the peace prayer brings to me, which has been a sanity-saver several times over the last few years!

3–the joy and love that comes from owning pets—cats in my case.
Dominus vobiscum

Down on my knees….

….in prayer!

I am blessed to go to daily mass every Monday almost weekly! 🙂 (and of course I go to mass every Sunday)—I can’t not express what a gift it has been to be able to be part of such a faithful community (although some are forced to be there). I have found such a sense of peace from those 45-minutes Monday mornings. It is during these 45-minutes that I learn a lot about my own priorities. What am I praying about? What am I distracted by? What is it that I am concerned with? Am I willing to give it all to God? Do I listen to the homily or am I daydreaming? The answers to those questions vary weekly but they have taught me a lot. For example—when I take the time and actually hit my knees both literally and figuratively giving it ALL to God I am better able to handle the coming week. I find my center again—I find the peace in the hectic mess that is the life of ME!! I find the calm in the storm.

I calm comes even more when I am the Eucharistic Minister or the Lector. When I have had to prepare myself to serve the church, I am even more centered and calm. I found that when I have had to invest time before mass and then after mass my experience is much greater and deeper. This time not just allows me to grow deeper in my faith but also allows me to enrich other people’s faith—that brings me even greater joy!!


Dominus vobiscum

Day 4—I am grateful that I am blessed enough to have a job that I love. I have known that I was passionate about teaching since middle school and was blessed enough to have some fabulous teachers, who nurtured that in me. They taught how to teach and what type of teacher I wanted to be. They made school fun! I hope that I too because my students enough coming to school.

Day 5—I am grateful for my amazing education. I was blessed to get to go to graduate school and I am blessed to have returned to grad school this past year. I have learned from and still am learning from some absolutely amazing Professors

Day 6—I am grateful for my parents. They have been a fabulous example of what a healthy marriage looks like and how a relationship should work. Their dedication it each other and me is amazing! I hope my future relationship is as strong as theirs is.

Dominus vobiscum

Day 3—-I am thankful that I have the chance to share my knowledge with others—Whether is be as a teacher during the school year; a tutor both during the school year or during the summer; or even when I was a camp counselor. I have alway been passionate about teaching and now I am blessed to be a full-time teacher at a local catholic school.

Dominus vobiscum

Day 1—–I am thankful for my faith. My faith has gotten me through much and will continue to get me through many more journeys in my life. It is peaceful knowing that I am able to pray at any time in my day. It is even more peaceful knowing I can spend time with Jesus in the form of the blessed Sacrament during Adoration or daily mass.

Day 2—I am thankful for the opportunity to share my faith with the students at my church over the last two years—this year I was blessed enough to spend be a teacher of one of our four Confirmation classes. Speaking of which, today I assisted with both Confirmation masses. Eighty confirmandi got confirmed. Both masses were beautiful. I had the privilege of reading the second reading at the second mass.

Dominus vobiscum

Life on the ROCK

Sorry for the silence on the blog over the past couple months. Beginning in March, life got busy with preparations for a new stage of life which will begin in a few days. Blessings to God for being the foundation of my life for the last  two months. I know that I would not made it through as well as I did without his guidance and support.

The foundation of my survival of the last few months is continually strengthening faith founded in reading my Bible daily and doing daily devotional. Faith is a solid foundation; a rock foundation. It can be worn and weathered  but it can be repaired and re-strengthened. I have found the journey has been an amazing one. A path that is not smooth and straight but one that leads to Heaven and Jesus walks with me.

Dominus vobiscum